Google AMP FAQ
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Google AMP FAQ

Welcome to the FREE Google AMP FAQ provided by the technical and development teams at Sound Strategies.  This FAQ is provided free to business owners, publishers, and other developers.  Before going any further, please read the Google Developer Article.  It may answer many of your questions.


Basic questions that are not answered in the FAQ can be submitted FREE and if the answer is simple enough (and doesn’t involve going through the application), the team will compile the answer, add it to the FAQ, and respond to you.  We are continually adding new information to the Google AMP FAQ.  Please check back periodically to take advantage of our research and experience with Google AMP.


Sound Strategies also provides billable development and support services.  If you need that, you will need to contact us.


Google AMP FAQ

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Can I use a WordPress plugin to implement Google AMP?

How do Google AMP pages show up in my mobile browser and within my website?

How can I view Google AMP data in Google Webmaster Tools?

How does Google AMP affect my SEO and organic rank?

How can I see Google AMP traffic in Google Analytics?

How do I enable Google AMP ads on my AMP pages?

How is Google AMP similar to Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News?

My site was optimized for speed in the past. Do I still need AMP?

What are the recommended Google AMP image sizes?


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