Email Campaign Marketing and Management Services
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E-mail Marketing

There are so many incredibly tempting platforms to utilize for content marketing. With so much focus on Google Adwords, SEO and Social Media e-mail marketing can be forgotten. While it might not be as pretty and shiny as some of the newer mediums, e-mail  marketing is absolutely one of the most cost-effective – with the highest, most consistent ROI.

E-mail marketing is permission-based, serving to those who’ve already opted-in to your content. It allows a company to connect with prospects and clients in a highly targeted and personalized way, tapping in to an already existing loyal network.

The most beautiful and undervalued element of e-mail marketing is its measurement capabilities. E-mail marketing can show you who is navigating to the site, how they are getting there and what links they are clicking. We use e-mail marketing to dig deeper into the user experience, improving overall web presence in a way that no other platform can.

While e-mail marketing might seem completely intuitive, there is a lot of strategy that goes into it. That is where we can help.

How We Can Help You

Before beginning a campaign, it is crucial to define and segment your audience to ensure that you are serving the right content to the right people.

Different kinds of content appeal to different audiences. Once we determine your segmented audience, we can then establish the type of content they will find most appealing.

Newsletters are very important and should include a call to action, unique content upcoming events, your most recent blog posts, and original videos.

Product emails should be sent to segmented groups within your database. This newsletter should feature products, promotions and campaigns relevant to your specific audience.

We can learn a lot from e-mail metrics. We will setup URL building, Google Analytics tracking, and website navigation tracking. This will give us details on user experience and engagement.

This is our favorite part! We are results oriented and the reporting phase allows us to see the progress we have made and make adjustments from month to month. It is also an opportunity for you to asses the effectiveness of your website and make changes accordingly.