Wordpress Content Writing and Blog Customization
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Content Writing

It has been proven time and time again that content is king. Google continues to push the notion of quality and consistency of content over quantity of content. In fact, Google will penalize content that is poorly written or irrelevant.


Content writing is a means of communicating with your audience in a way that provides value, without selling. This, in turn, creates brand awareness and brand loyalty. If done properly, content writing should spark shares, likes and comments on social media – and ultimately make it to your website. It has the ability to make a user stop, read, think and perhaps behave differently.


Marketers have come to the understanding that with the tremendous volume of information being produced on the Internet, traditional marketing efforts are becoming less and less effective. Internet browsers are not passive consumers. Now, they take an active role in the choices of media that they consume. With Google search functions, and the functionality of various social media platforms, users have the ability to choose the content that is most gratifying to them. Therefore, as a marketer, it is our goal to understand the needs of the audience at hand, and satisfy them.

The purpose of content marketing is to focus on the creation of valuable, relevant and/or entertaining content and distribute it to a various targeted audiences, tailored to specific platforms.