Google AMP Page Speed
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My site was optimized for speed in the past. Do I still need AMP?

In the world of organic search, speed matters and competition matters. Your website might be fast, but Google AMP is instant. As we always say, you don’t need to beat Google, you just need to beat the competitor next door. Trust us when we say, if your competitor is using Google AMP, then you should be too – or consider yourself out of the race. Google is simply a robot with algorithms that can measure one thing: better or worse – making this the competition of a century. If you want to perform better than your competitors, then take advantage of any opportunity that Google puts out there to improve your visibility. There are tons of avenues out there to improve visibility, Google advertising, organic rank best practices, on-page optimization, and newly Google AMP. The more you put in as a webmaster, the more you’ll get out.

Google is constantly changing its algorithms, and as a webmaster it is crucial that you stay relevant to keep yourself afloat in this overly saturated market. You might be wondering why Google frequently changes its algorithms – this is to ensure that all sites provide the absolute best user experience and to ensure fair use by all publishers. With the influx of high-speed, smooth-sailing apps, Google needed a way to protect its core business goals and to have a chance to survive in the world of mobile. The business model of Google relies on the ability to crawl the web for the most relevant content and gather them together into one cohesive format. If they lose search usage, due to native app development, they’ll be in big trouble. This is their way of staying relevant and valuable to their users and publishers. At this point, AMP is just as important as app development.