Google AMP Future
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What should I expect for the future of Google AMP?

Google has provided a very detailed roadmap of the kinds of developments we will see over the next bit of time. AMP will focus on improving four major areas including: Format, Analytics, Ads, Access.

Format: Google will continually improve various functionalities of these webpages, including widgets, video players, carousels, etc.

Analytics: Google will continually search for ways to collect analytics for users who are actively using Google AMP webpages.

Ads: Google will continually improve advertising capabilities on AMP webpages.

Access: Google will continually work to improve access control for web content that requires subscription and paid content.

As for organic rank, there is still a lot of concern about its effect on organic rank. Google AMP is not currently a ranking factor in the Google Algorithm. With that said, predictions believe this will be a factor in the future for Google AMP. To ensure that rankings don’t drop if and when this happens, it is best to get on board with AMP now and save yourself the headache. It is safe to say that Google AMP improves user experience and visibility anyway, so we’d recommend taking advantage of this.