Andy LoCascio, Sound Strategies NYC
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Andy LoCascio

Andy LoCascio has been an IT professional and procurement specialist since late 1985.  He is a graduate of SUNY Buffalo where he earned degrees in business administration and computer science.

He worked for Funaro-Lufrano Associates through 1995.  During that time he specialized in creating custom applications for the IBM System 38 and IBM AS400.  Some of his more notable clients included Major League Baseball, Flight Safety International, and Eagle Electric.

Sound Strategies was formed in late 1995 and initially provided comprehensive IT solutions for clients using the IBM AS400.  Andy LoCascio joined the IT solutions provider Seaview Consulting in late 1996 as a managing partner and eventually helped grow the business to well over 100 employees. Seaview Consulting was purchased by RCM technologies in 1998 and Andy stayed with the firm for three more years before once again going off on his own.

In 2002 the focus of Sound Strategies shifted toward creating custom applications for the web with a major concentration in search engine optimization and cyber security.  Sound Strategies created the exclusive rank monitoring tool; RankMgr and the comprehensive link exchange and directory management tool; LinkMgr.

In 2014 Sound Strategies and Andy LoCascio enhanced the service offering to include internet security and specialized procurement market analysis and consulting.

In early 2020 with the advent of the COVID virus, Andy LoCascio shifted more of his personal focus to procurement market analysis and consulting.  His specialties include respirator masks (including the 3M N95 1860) and other bulk PPE items.

Andy LoCascio and Sound Strategies offer comprehensive high-end web presence development.  Our services include web design, application development, performance optimization, WordPress optimization, technology consulting, hosting, and search engine optimization (SEO).

“Our goal is to ensure that every dollar spent by a client has the maximum impact on their web presence.  We have worked hard to create a unique set of tools that help us achieve these goals.”  Andy LoCascio – CEO/President