SEO Link Acquisition
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SEO Link Acquisition

Acquiring links back to your website is no small feat. It takes just the right approach and may take many months of relationship building to acquire a valuable backlink. This is why it is so important to create a cooperative effort between the social media team and link acquisition team. People are far more responsive to a contact from a verified source than a cold call or email. Any existing contacts or partnerships are extremely valuable during this link building process.

Our Approach

Our first step is to create a list of potential partners that would be interested in working together, such as writing an article about your company and linking back to the website. We use our list of influencers built by the social media team to prioritize this list. Existing contacts are priority #1 since the lines of communication are open and they are typically more willing to work together.
The second step is to figure out what they want in return. We will need to make an inventory of what we are willing to offer. Some may want to interview somebody to create a unique piece for their site, others want a link in return or a social media post (depending on the size of your audience). Some may even ask for a dollar amount. It is important to make sure that the backlink is a “follow” link. If it is designated as a “nofollow” it doesn’t provide any SEO value.
Once we have agreed upon the terms of the partnership, we work to make sure that both sides complete their part of the agreement.