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Benefits of Freelancing During the Holidays

Benefits of Freelancing During the Holidays

Benefits of Freelancing During the Holidays

Freelancers and self-employed people know that the holiday season has both its challenges and perks. In our last article, we discussed more of the challenges of the holidays and how to get through them as a freelancer. Conversely, here are the some of the top benefits of freelancing during the holidays.

Freedom to Make Your Own Schedule

As a freelancer, your schedule is your own to create. Controlling your workload on any given day allows you to factor in other festive engagements like holiday parties or spending some quality time with family. If something comes up during the holidays, you have much more freedom to rearrange what you need to accomplish than someone working in a traditional office setting. In fact, you can even plan ahead of time to enjoy the entire holiday season with relaxation.

Better Health

Freelancing most often means working at home, and that is very helpful in fighting off any viruses swirling around during flu season. Studies show that the more people that are in a room will make it more likely that people are going to get sick. Staying home prevents you from catching any type of work bug. Not to mention, working from home means you generally get to avoid the germs of public transit.

Work from Anywhere

Planning to spend time with family in another state, or even another country for a couple of weeks? Unlike more traditional work environments, traveling will likely not affect your ability to work. As long as you have your computer and an internet connection, you can work from essentially anywhere without skipping a beat.

Inclement Weather is not a Problem

Snowing outside? Luckily, as a freelancer, you don’t need to worry about shoveling out your driveway, scraping the ice from your windshield, or driving on icy roads. Instead, you get to stay warm in the comfort of your home and get done everything you needed to accomplish for the day.

Never Miss a Delivery

Expecting a package? Freelancing from home means that you are ready to greet the FedEx man when he delivers a box to your door.

Christmas Shopping at Off-Peak Times

Weekend mall crowds can be hectic, but freelancing during the holidays means you don’t need to wait until Saturday to do your holiday shopping. Instead, you have the option to go anytime during the traditional work week when you have a free moment. Navigate your favorite stores with ease while everyone else is stuck in the office.