Instagram Account Ideas: Why Are Your Followers Unfollowing You?
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Instagram Account Ideas: Why Are Your Followers Unfollowing You?


Instagram Account Ideas: Why Are Your Followers Unfollowing You?

These days, just about everyone is on Instagram, but that doesn’t mean everyone is doing it right. Whether you’re a small business, a big brand or a personal account, here are some Instagram account ideas to manage your follower’s expectations. 

Instagram Account Ideas: How to Manage Your Followers Expectations

Maybe you’re watching followers come and go, or maybe none are coming at all. Here are the biggest reasons why people follow and unfollow accounts on Instagram. 

Why People Follow You:

Community: People love a sense of community. Interacting with and sharing advice with your followers goes a long way. Create an account that’s used as a place where people come together, share stories, and grow. This will also create more room for engagement between you and your followers.

Not too sales-y: If you’re running a page for your business where you sell and promote your products/services, remember to step back and look at your account from your follower’s POV. No one wants advertisements rammed down their throat 24/7. Find a healthy mix of original content, third party content, and content that showcases the best parts of your business. People are smarter and know when they’re being asked to buy something. Spread out your promotional content and make sure to sound natural and genuine in front of your audience. 

Consistent: If you’re not putting yourself in front of your followers, they may forget you. Consistency is key. Keep a consistent theme, posting schedule, etc. Make sure your audience knows what you post, when and why. 

Unique: Lastly, hone in on what makes you/your brand unique and let that shine through your profile. There are a zillion doctors, painters, photographers and designers in the world, but what separates you from the crowd? 

Why People Unfollow You:

Posting Off-Topic: This one is pretty straight forward. Someone following a makeup brand doesn’t want to hear about the weather or vice versa. Stick to your niche, your brand and what you know. Become the role model for your industry and stay on topic throughout your entire account. 

Posting too much at once: We’ve all logged onto Instagram at some point to five consecutive, similar photos by the same poster. Impeeding on your follower’s Instagram feed with only your photos is a major turn off. If you find you want to post multiple photos at once, combine the photos into a carousel post or save the additional content for a rainy day when you’re running around trying to find things to post. 

Poor Quality: It’s 2020. Just about everyone has access to a smartphone or high-quality camera. If you’re posting images or videos with low quality or bad audio, your credibility is immediately in question. Post with purpose. Ensure each image is clear and accompanied by a descript, meaningful caption.