The Importance of Design in Digital Marketing
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The Importance of Design in Digital Marketing


The Importance of Design in Digital Marketing

Design has slowly become one of the most fundamental factors in any successful digital marketing campaign. Good design grabs someone’s attention and tells them where to go next. As the number of businesses who rely on the internet for their livelihood skyrockets, the importance of design in digital marketing truly can not be overstated in 2020.  

The Importance of Design in Digital Marketing

Conveying a Clean Message

Do you want to read a long-winded, multiple paragraph long caption about the benefits of a product? Or would you rather learn all the benefits in under 60 seconds from a thoughtfully designed infographic? The answer is pretty obvious. A strategically designed flyer or infographic can turn bulky paragraphs of information into an easily read and understood design. 

Stop and See

What makes you stop scrolling? For most people, eye-catching design stops their thumb from flicking any further down their feed. Creating a design that makes users stop dead in their tracks is a hard task to achieve, but it can be done using strategic design and choosing thoughtful colors and patterns. It’s important that your message or idea is immediately seen and clear from your designs. If you step back and realize your design isn’t eye-catching enough to stop you from scrolling, maybe the design still needs some more work. Create with converting customers in mind. 

Your Digital Face

Your website and social media are your digital face. The best way to ensure each element looks like it belongs to the same face is to continually create cohesive designs and hunker down on your online branding strategy. Your business’ design goals should create a strong enough brand awareness that when users see your design they automatically know who and where it is coming from. 

Rules of Design

Now that we’ve reviewed the importance of design in digital marketing, here are some digital design rules to consider:

Limit the number of fonts you use
Try and limit the number of fonts you use on your website or digital designs to 2-3 fonts. Any more than that will make your page/design look like a jumbled mess. Type also becomes harder to read when it’s followed by varying typefaces. Remember to test each typeface you plan to use to make sure it is legible and easy to read on screens. 

Consistency is key
Inconsistency is confusion. Try and avoid multiple or varying styles across your business. You don’t want users to feel like they’re jumping to a new website with every page they visit.

Responsive web design
In the year 2020, responsive web design is so important. No one is going to wait 20 seconds for your site to load when there are thousands of other sites in the same niche with faster, more responsive loading times. How does one do this? Make sure your pages are designed to be easy to navigate and remove the junky bells and whistles that slow down your site.
Tip: Set your website images to load as the user scrolls. It can drastically improve your load time.