Best Posts For Facebook: Best Practices for Businesses
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Best Posts For Facebook: Best Practices for Businesses

best posts for Facebook

Best Posts For Facebook: Best Practices for Businesses

You know you need to be posting on your business’ Facebook page but you have no clue what to do. Social media best practices can be tricky, especially if you’re brand new to the platform and online marketing. Here are the best posts for Facebook to get your business on the right track. 

Best Posts for Facebook

Videos: When it comes to Facebook posts, videos outperform links and photos every time. In fact, according to BuzzSumo, Facebook videos receive 59% more engagement than all other posts. However, this doesn’t mean you can post any video and expect results. Find or create quality videos that you know are relevant to your audience.  

Humor: If you’re struggling to really reach your audience, try using a bit of humor in your posts. Not only will humor get your audience’s attention, but people really appreciate a business that can “humanize” themselves and make their consumers laugh.   

Include hashtags: Some of the best performing posts on Facebook have industry-specific (and relevant) hashtags. Just like Instagram, Facebook hashtags widen your reach and categorize your post for those looking through similar topics. To put it simply, hashtags put your post in front of the people who are already interested in what you’re saying, so you don’t need to fight for their attention.  

Tag other accounts: When you share other people’s content, you put yourself on their radar. If you’re running a business account, share industry-related news and tag the article or image source in your post. If you’re lucky, the account may interact with your post. 

Posts that encourage a response: When you post a photo or video that asks a question, your audience is more inclined to engage with your post. Try asking a question or post something that begs a response from the people who view your content.

What to Avoid

Captions without a voice: Captions without a “voice” tend to sound plain and robotic and are hard to follow.

Irrelevant content: Sometimes when businesses are searching for content they’ll post something off-brand or irrelevant. Keep in mind your product/service, brand, general message, and audience and only post posts that align with these elements. 

Overdoing it: A lot of businesses use Facebook to promote their products, but it should be much more than that. Not every post should come off like an ad. If all you’re posting is promotions for your own products, your followers are going to lose interest. 

Posting at the wrong time: Knowing when to post is key to optimizing your reach. If you’re posting when your audience is offline, who’s reading/watching your content? Check your Facebook Insights to find the optimal posting times for your business.

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