How to Build Community with an Online Audience on Social Media
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How to Build Community with Your Target Audience

build community with an online audience

How to Build Community with Your Target Audience

Consider this concept: The purpose of social media is to be social. Crazy right? Well in all seriousness, this point is getting increasingly lost as social media has established itself as a valuable broadcast medium and tool in marketing. More than ever, companies are using social media platforms as channels to drive traffic and brand awareness. That being said, brands must effectively build community with an online audience by putting the “social” back in social media.

How to Build Community with an Online Audience on Social Media

Recognize users want a sincere experience

For over a decade, businesses have been relying on automated content and artificial attempts at engagement. With so much insincerity saturating newsfeeds, companies must work harder than ever to earn and keep the trust of their target audience. Social media users are looking for more sincere experiences when they engage with brands, and smarter companies are gaining success by offering authentic correspondence to build genuine relationships among followers.

Understand your audience’s circle of interests

Social media erupted as a place to foster communities around shared interests. For a while, platform creators lost sight of this and began pushing social media as a way to promote and broadcast without the social element. Nevertheless, users persisted in their desire for socialization because without that crucial aspect, it was falling into the same category as its media predecessors. However, social media was initially created as an antithesis to broadcast media in many ways. Unlike radio and television, social media creates a unique opportunity for two-way communication between brands and audiences.

As a brand on social media, there are a few ways you can be a leader in your audience’s circle of interests. Facebook groups are gaining popularity again, so be sure to focus on joining and posting in relevant groups. On Instagram, users can now follow hashtags in addition to profiles, so look for active and relevant hashtags that you can include in your posts. Ultimately, people will always crave a sense of belonging, and brands can use this to build community with an online audience by becoming a driver of community among their audience.

Be meaningful in your message

Above all else, a brand’s social media efforts cannot be successful without creating a meaningful message. The goal should always be to generate an impact with your audience through inspiration and building relationships. Be sure that the content you put out there always has intent and purpose while highlighting the mission of your brand in a genuine and personal way.