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Top 8 SEO Content Strategy Tips

SEO Content Strategy Tips

Top 8 SEO Content Strategy Tips

Does your business have an SEO content strategy set in place? If not, you are doing yourself and your business a disservice. You need to stay on the ball in today’s times, as algorithms are constantly changing. This means if you don’t already a content strategy in place, you should set one up ASAP. Otherwise, you run the risk of falling behind your competitors. Are you up-to-date?

If you want to stay on the ball in today’s technological times, check out some of the top SEO content strategy tips that you should keep in mind when developing your marketing strategy.

1. Know Your Audience – You know your business, so that means you know what your audience is looking for. Use this information to generate keywords for your website, and only use keywords that your audience is searching for. With this, don’t forget your local audience. You want to be recognized as a local business by your audience and Google.


2. Have Goals – To help keep you motivated and driven, set realistic goals. By setting achievable goals, you have something to work for. Setting goals will also serve as a reminder on how far you’ve come when you measure your metrics. Setting goals will allow you to figure out what it is that needs to be achieved and can help you stay focused on what’s important for your business.


3. Stay Fresh – It is important that you stay up to date with your content. Coming out with the latest and freshest news will help keep your rankings up. By having content that is up to date, search engines can see that your site is accurate and current with the times. Rehashing old content will get your site nowhere, so stay fresh and up-to-date.


4. Have Good Content – You may think we overuse this term, but it can’t be said enough: content is king. Having well written, unique content will help your site rank well, so invest in a good writer who can naturally incorporate keywords, as well as shape and guide good content. In addition, incorporate variety into your content by utilizing text, images, and video.


5. Explore Partnerships – Well written content alone will only take you so far, so it helps to influence your search rankings by exploring partnerships and gathering links back to your site. Reach out to other businesses in your field and ask if they can put up a link to your site, or allow you to contribute content to their website’s blog.


6. Don’t Write for Google – You want a writer who will not write for Google, but who understands that they are writing for people. Not robots. Meaning, do not create content just to create content. Make your content meaningful and worthwhile.


7. Utilize Social Media – Sites such as Facebook and Twitter need to be a part of your SEO content strategy. Having an online presence will allow you to connect with an audience outside of your local venue. If you own a business in a city, this is beneficial to do. You never know when people may be in your town. Also, being present on social media will allow you to connect with your audience, first hand.


8. Incorporate Keywords – Come up with a target keyword phrase for each post or page and incorporate it into the headline, URL, SEO title, and throughout the content. However, make sure you incorporate the phrase naturally into your content. Also, you don’t have to go overboard inputting keywords. Remember you want your content to read naturally.