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Sound Bites

Common Facebook Mistakes

14 Apr The 10 Most Common Facebook Mistakes

It’s not uncommon for marketers and business owners to use Facebook to create contacts and develop a following. However, Facebook’s algorithm is continually being refined, so even though you have a long list of followers your content can go nowhere and not be seen by...

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Firefox Cons

01 Mar Die Firefox! Die!

Before I get started on this rant, if you are viewing this article using the Firefox browser, close the page and never come back.  What follows will certainly offend your counter-culture sensibilities. The History of Firefox Version 1 was released in 2004 as an "experimental" branch of the Mozilla...

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Reasons to Love the Listicle

29 Feb 4 Reasons to Love the Listicle

Today, in the current incarnation of the written word, the internet, has found the listicle. This is defined as an article written in the form of a list, hopefully with each entry containing content relating to each item. Many journalists, writers, as well as English...

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