An Aid in Design: Top Typography Plugins for WordPress
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An Aid in Design: Top Typography Plugins for WordPress

Typography Plugins for WordPress

An Aid in Design: Top Typography Plugins for WordPress

Playing a vital role in web design, typography can make or break your website. Typography doesn’t just play a design role, but a functional one as well since your audience needs to be able to read what’s on the site. Plus, it always helps when your type is attractive! Typography has the power to affect your audience, as it has the ability to create a better user experience, increase readability, and grow your site’s engagement.

Want to manage the fonts on your site, but are not comfortable with code? Add some pzazz to your site by adding typographic features to your design. If you want to get more creative with your website, check out some of the top typography plugins for WordPress.

WP Typography

To enhance your user’s experience, utilize the plugin WP Typography for improved web typography and overall user experience. WP Typography adds a number of typography features to your site such as styling, hyphenations, automatic word wrapping, space control, and quote handling to help improve the user experience.

Use Any Font

If you are looking for a plugin that will allow you to embed any font into your website, then look no further. Use Any Font will allow you to use any font of your choosing on your site. All you need is the fonts file (woff, otf, or ttf) and you can upload the font to WordPress. Thankfully, Use Any Font works with all the major web browsers, such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

WP Google Fonts

Take advantage of one of the largest online free font directories, WP Google Fonts. This WordPress typography plugin allows you to add Google Fonts to your WordPress site, without having to write any code. WP Google Fonts does all the work for you, but for those who want a bit more control, there is a handy custom CSS option.

TinyMCE Advanced

Unfortunately, the visual editor in WordPress lacks many editing features. Luckily, if you have been looking for an easy way to change the background color or font size, TinyMCE Advanced is here to help. With this plugin, you can add more options and functionality to your visual editor, things that you cannot do just using the standard WordPress Visual editor.

Zeno Font Resizer

This handy WordPress plugin can help improve the user experience of your website, by allowing your viewers to resize the fonts on your site to their liking. By giving the visitors of your website the ability to change the font size of the text, you are helping to improve their overall experience. With Zeno Font Resizer users can maximize or minimize the size of the fonts, giving them the option to adjust your site to their own unique needs.