Hashtagging 101: Top Hashtag Tools to Help You Maximize Success
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Hashtagging 101: Top Hashtag Tools

Hashtag Tools

Hashtagging 101: Top Hashtag Tools

The use of hashtags is commonly seen in many marketing campaigns and for a good reason. Hashtags are excellent for marketing your brand and categorizing your content and is utilized across multiple social media platforms. Hashtags are used on Pinterest, Google +, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to help get you that additional exposure you want ever so dearly. Using hashtags can significantly benefit your brand as it’s an excellent way to encourage interaction from other users while sharing your content with others.

Using hashtags in your marketing strategy is a great way to communicate with your audience and increase your exposure since it aids online searches and helps people find you. However, hashtags can be used in the wrong manner, and many may find them to be a bit overwhelming. Luckily there are hashtag tools available to help make sure you are effectively using hashtags so you can maximize your chances for success.


For those times you aren’t sure on which hashtag to use, or better yet work, RiteTag is there to assist. RiteTag gives you instant feedback on your choice of hashtags, detailed hashtag statistics, and can even notify you when new hashtags become available for your topic. Want to know which hashtag is more likely to be seen and used? RiteTag tells you which of your tags have a high chance of being seen, and will even recommend alternative hashtags that are more likely to be seen.


For those times you don’t know where to start, hop on your internet browser and head on over to hashtags.org. On hashtags.org you can find an extensive list of trending and popular Twitter hashtags, plus you also have access to hashtag analytics. For example, say if you wanted to know the analytics for #photography, hashtags.org will show you a 24-hour trend graph that breaks down to how many tweets per hour, allowing you to physically see during which times your hashtag of choice is tweeted the most.


While many of the tools available are mainly for Twitter, Tagboard allows you to track hashtags across multiple social media platforms. With Tagboard, you can see how your hashtag(s) is doing on Vine, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Google +. By using hashtags, Tagboard searches for and collects public social media posts across all platforms, and the best part is you can like, comment, and retweet right from your tagboard. This popular tool is already being utilized by over 10,000 companies, so hop on board!


If you are looking for a good social listening tool, look no further. Talkwalker allows you to track hashtags and mentions across multiple social media platforms, and much more. You can even track your keywords through various types of content, from online, to print, and even television and radio. With daily or weekly alerts you can be notified about your keyword(s) whenever they are mentioned. Also, besides being able to monitor your hashtags in real-time, you also get access to historical data to help you accurately analyze your data.