Get Work Done While Traveling | Work Travel Tips
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Get Work Done While Traveling with These Helpful Work Travel Tips

Get Work Done While Traveling

13 Jan Get Work Done While Traveling with These Helpful Work Travel Tips

In today’s workforce, working from outside the office is becoming more popular. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a telecommuter, the ability to motivate yourself and limit outside distractions can be a challenge. This is especially true if you have to work while traveling. If you have to do any sort of traveling for business, it becomes even more important that you get the most out of your remote work. However, the ability to optimize productivity when you are traveling while working is a challenge that many face.

Need some helpful work travel tips to make your next business trip less stressful? If you want to be efficient on the road, learn how you can get work done while traveling.

Make Sure You Are Connected

Wherever it is that you are going, make sure you will have access to Wi-Fi so you are not limited on what you can do. You will have to do some research, but it’s worth it. You don’t want to figure out the hard way during your trip. If you will be at an airport, a great application to use is Boingo Hotspot. Many airports are currently using this app to connect to the internet, and many other public places are starting to follow suit. Also, make sure you have a backup plan by either securing a spot at a co-working space, use a cellular tablet, or purchase an internet SIM card for your computer.


Stay Organized and Prioritize Tasks

It is essential that you ensure that you have everything you need with you. Whether that is your cell phone(s), laptop, tablet, chargers, keyboard, or battery backups, make sure you bring all of the tools necessary with you so you can get your work done. In addition, prioritize your tasks according to your travel schedule. There will be some projects that can be handled on a travel day and other tasks that are better off waiting for another day. If you have any work that has a looming deadline, make sure these are on the top of your list. Place other work projects that don’t have strict time constraints on the bottom of your list. Also, arrange your work tasks according to your travel schedule. Meaning, if you know you will not have internet access at your destination arrange it so you can take calls or work on projects that can be completed offline.


Don’t Procrastinate

It may be tempting to push off your work in favor of relaxing and enjoying all of the sights and sounds around you, but it is better to get your work done in advance. You never know what’s coming around the bend, so being proactive and getting your work done early can help give you a cushion. This way if everything goes according to plan, you can have some additional time for yourself. Otherwise, if things are chaotic, you at least can have the comfort of knowing that you have a buffer, which will make your day a lot less stressful. Never put off your work until you get to the hotel or destination. There is nothing worse than traveling all day and having to put in a days’ worth of work when all you want to do is unpack and sleep.


Embrace Technology

Luckily there is a plethora of important applications and programs available that can help you stay organized and on track. Programs like OneNote and Evernote can help you keep your assignments and notes organized in one place. In addition, applications such as TripIt can help save you valuable work time by keeping everything for you organized. Need to know what your flight confirmation number is? Tripit has you covered. Need a way to keep track of time zones? There is an app for that too. Everything you need to help keep yourself organized and sane is right there at your fingertips, so take advantage of it!